Ballet Show

Tutus… Many ballet tutus!! :)

Last year, as usual, I finished the school year with a show where all my students take part. This time, I was working with a friend and fellow ballet teacher and we decided that we wood make the tutus for our ballerinas to wear! It was a an insane decision, but it was also very fun to do! I’m not saying I would do it again sometime soon (maybe using other material instead of sequins) because we spent MONTHS working on them. But it was really worth it, just to see the smile on our students faces! Here they are, the tutus:


This was the tutu for the Evil Queen of the story…


This was the tutu for the Good Queen in the story…


And these were fot the tini tiny ballerinas of the show…

(tutus bought form IDS and Dance Direct, design and applications by Cristina Pimentel and Mariana Matias)