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Being too picky…

This week I had an adult student, in her 30s, from my group of Ballet Adults Initiation who informed the school secretary of her intention to drop classes. The reason? The teacher was too picky, the school was too professional and we were demanding too much of her. I did not want to believe when Ana, the school secretary, explained it to me, because the student refused to talk directly to me, the reason for the quitting. I never thought that there was anyone who intended to attend ballet classes without being encouraged to improve, without being corrected in order to become a stronger and safer dancer. All that girl wanted to do was her own way, without having to think about the muscles she wore or the way she wore them.

Of all the times that I corrected or directed her in a certain direction, it never occurred to me that she did not want to be helped …

In my classes, I work like this. I do not assume all students want to be professionals and I fully understand that most of them just do ballet as a hobby, to turn off their heads at the end of a day’s work. But do not think that you come to my classes to be unaccompanied, not corrected, not encouraged, not directed in the right way … Classical ballet is an activity that requires physical awareness, technical, if not otherwise, to avoid injuries (which can be many and serious ones) and so I demand from my students, professionals or amateurs, that they are focused, attentive, aware, always open to suggestions and corrections.

And my advise to everyone who intends to enrol in ballet classes; yes, ballet it’s a great way to distract yourself, to turn off your mind from the busy everyday work BUT, it’s also a great way to gain physical awareness, to get to know ourselves and our body a bit more. It’s a mental and physical work that requires 100% focus. Please, consider that when you ask for a professional teacher to have you in their classes. For us, it’s a commitment, make it a commitment for you too 😉


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