Stage Fright

Do you know that feeling when you feel anxious for days before a big event? Well, despite my love for ballet, I feel very anxious before any show… Every year, with my final showcase and my students, all the preparations, the tutus, the music, the choreography; I might spend a week not eating or sleeping properly because of my nervous system.

But this year, this is all very different because its with myself, again. When I was just a ballet student, of course I was nervous, but, somehow, it was different. Now I’m a teacher and I’m also dancing with the company for the first year. The first performances were in may and I thought they went quite well. But now, that we are rehearsing again for the reposition next weekend, the director said that my performance wasn’t great and that she expects a lot better from me. Those words shook me so hard and I’m feeling even more nervous, because know I have to be better than myself. And, when I feel nervous, I know that I’m not good, I’m just a nervous dancer… That’s not right!

So, to everyone that feels like me and suffers from anxiety or stage fright, here are some things that can help to relax and forget the nerves:

  1. Breathe in and breathe out. Feel the air entering your lungs, use your whole lungs;
  2. Meditation. Or, if you have never meditate before, just take some time for yourself, to clear your mind and to relax, daily. Try to start a few days before the big event;
  3. Organize everything that you need in advance, so you don’t have to be running for everything on the last minute;
  4. Listen to your favorite music;
  5. Remind yourself of all the hard work you had to get there and that you deserve to enjoy yourself and have fun doing something you love;
  6. Don’t be hard on your self. Of course everyone can always be better, but you are at your best at that exact moment and that’s what you have to work with;

And let our love for what we do be bigger than our anxiety 🙂



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