From a teacher’s point of view #1

There are many words and thoughts out there about being an adult ballet student/dancer but, how about being an adult ballet student’s teacher? Well, this is my word on the subject.
About three year ago I started teaching adult students. I must confess that, at the beginning, was odd to have so much students older than me (I’m 24), some of them older enough to be my parents. Rapidly, that feeling was transformed into marvel. I was astonished by my adult students and there ability to work, focus and always keep trying to go further. Nowadays, those are my favorite classes. I’m with them twice a week and I’m happy to be with them every single time. Because, you know, they are really special, and I can tell you why.


  1. They really want to be there;
    You won’t have any other student more willing to hear you and to learn than your adult student. No one makes them to be there and they understand that, if you want something, you have to work hard.
  2. They are really focused, all the time;
    Sometimes they even scare me with their serious expressions. And they’re only that serious because they are thinking about everything you said and they are trying to do it all at the same time. They know that they only have that hour and half to work and get better so, they do it.
  3. They know how to accept corrections;
    Because they are humble and understand that they are there to learn and you are there to teach. As simple as that.
  4. A compliment, is all you have to say to make them smile;
    It simbolizes their effort and their accomplishments. And also, for them, it’s a sign that you really care and you really pay attention to what they are doing. They like to be acknowledged of their work.
  5. They are capable of thinking with their brains, no only their body;
    When you explain something, some movement or step, tu an adult student, they understand it clearly. Sometimes, with children, they only try to do or perform the movement without even thinking on what they’re doing. Not with adults. Though, sometimes, they tend to overthink 😉
  6. They value your time and theirs;
    So, the class simply flows, without interruptions. Only pertinent questions and opinions.

    It’s very different from teaching children and teens and I’m enjoying every bit of the experience! I can say that I also learn with them 🙂


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