The Unfortunate Truth

Last week, a young girl came to the school where I teach ballet to enroll herself in ballet classes. She was 6 years old and her mother was with her. After filling in the papers and formalities, her mother asked the receptionist:
“How is the ballet teacher? Is she nice?”
And the receptionist promptly answered:
“Yes, she is nice and very sweet with young children.”
The mother continued:
“She doesn’t insult them?”
It was like a slap in the face for the director of the school, who was listening to the conversation. “What?!”
Then, the mother explained that the former teacher of her daughter, used to call them bad names, like “dumb” or “lazy” or “fat”… I wasn’t at the school that day but, it was horrible to hear that there are people, so-called teachers or so-called professionals, that are capable of treating children like this. It’s really sad… But this whole situation only made me think further into this question, only to realize that this, unfortunately, is common practice among ballet teachers (!!!)
As I talked to the director about this, I became more and more angry! It’s not fair for the children, they only want to have fun and do something they really love. They shouldn’t be listening to these things. Of course we all have lazy students, or badly behaved students but, there aren’t any other kind ways to lead them and their work? I don’t believe we have to insult them!! Teachers, please, think of the consequences of your acts. A children who is called “fat”, my become anorexic; a little girl who is called “dumb” may have confidence issues in the future. Remember, your students just want to learn, have fun and be loved. Not everyone is born to be a ballerina, not everyone is born skinny or with high mental capacities. We are all born different, but we all deserve the same opportunities and treatment.


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