The busy life we lead…

This is for all of you ballet teachers out there! Do you ever hear people say things like: “what are you talking about, you only work in the afternoon, you can sleep all morning…” And from your student’s parents: “do we really have to bring them to rehearse next sunday?! Can’t it be any other day?” Or even when you have to work in several different schools (like I do) and are trying to coordinate every schedule, they would ask “My daughter can’t make it on Wednesday, can it be on Fridays?”
I’m pretty sure that you are familiar with theses words, unfortunately.

For me, every year it’s the same. I’m not angry, I’m just sad that people don’t understand the effort that goes into:
-coordinate everything in September, so you can teach in 5 different schools per week;
-spending each and every morning planning your classes and listening to countless ballet albums;
-schedule a weekend rehearsal for 100 students, because you can’t make it any other day;
-spending your christmas/easter holidays planning your final show/making tutus/choreographing…

Ballet teachers are just like superman, but in pretty colors and much more elegant 🙂 Please, know that your work is important and is appreciated. Don’t let this kind of talk bring you down. Remember that, every time, in the last show of the year, everyone will thank you for your work. And the children will be with the biggest smile in their little faces! That’s why we have all the hard work; that’s why you struggle to drive insanely fast from one school to another to get there on time; that’s why we spend so much time preparing our classes; that’s why we feel, also, so happy with what we do!


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