The best feeling in the world!!

Saturday was show day! The theme was “Dançar a Primavera” (Spring Dancing) and it was a mid-term show for student’s parents and families. It was, also, one of the days were I realize that I love what I do! For good… I wouldn’t exchange it for anything in this world. A few minutes before the show, I was alone in the room, checking the music and sound, the set and taking just a moment for my self. I think that is one of the things that I love the most: the feeling that we worked really hard to a day or a moment that is about to happen, and we are the only ones that realize how great it’s going to be; because everything else is so calm and peaceful. I adore the sense of peace and silence before everyone enter the stage and before the audience take their seats.

It’s about two months for our final show and I can’t wait to feel like this again!! Now, it’s time to work really hard 🙂


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