International Dance Day!

Yesterday was the International Dance Day. This day was introduced in 1982 by CID (International Dance Council) as a form of spread the art of dance around the world. Everywhere, dancers of every style, gender or age, spend this day dancing with all their happiness… In one of the schools I work, every year is organized a Street Mob. The headmaster chooses the theme and the musics (this year was Portuguese rock music from the 80’s) and every student and teacher are invited to participate. It’s a big event that counts with over 90 people dancing in the streets of Braga. It’s really cool!! Last year, we danced and made a spot for the music “Happy” from Pharell Williams (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2bpU12JaRr4) because that’s how we feel when we are dancing our hearts out šŸ˜€


How about in your country? How do you celebrate International Dance Day?


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