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Planning Classes #1

Planning for your classes

There are several things that, as a ballet teacher, need careful planning. Of those many things, classes are the most important. How can we plan our classes? How SHOULD we plan our classes? And what if something goes wrong with our meticulous planning? 

I think planning is the most important thing in my job and also what makes me love it the most. In paying attention to every single detail in our planning we are telling our students how much we care for them, their work and their evolution as dancers. It’s as simple as that. 

I have a rule of my own that is: plan month by month and never plan to much ahead because, sometimes (most of the times, actually), something is going to happen that will need a new or a different approach. So, every class I jot down a few notes about how it went, how the students were feeling and how they are adapting to the exercises and technique required. Then, at the end of the month, I study what needs to be changed for the next one. I’m not saying that I change every exercise, every month. The students won’t beneficiate from that, since ballet is a discipline based on repetition. But, sometimes we think that one approach is the correct one for a particular step and, turns out, it’s not. 

My advice, pay attention to your class and your students and adapt your planning to their needs 🙂


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