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Giving and Receiving

Yesterday was my birthday! It was a really great day, with lots of love from my friends and family and some surprises from my students 🙂 i’m very blessed for having the life I have!

This cake was a surprise from my students at the kindergarden! You can see the teacher (that’s me) and the students dancing around…
But, today, among all the joy and happiness that I had, I received a letter that made me even happier…

This letter is from Associação de Apoio à Criança (which is an association that helps children in need) and it thanks me (my school, Escola de Dança de Papillon) and my students for our donation, telling us that we gave the children a better christmas 🙂 Our christmas show was to raise funds for this association and we made it!! Nothing makes me more happier and I think my students will also love this thank you note 🙂

I would like to leave here my personal thank you to my family and friends who really made my day with their love and care! (the beautifull picture was my father’s gift. He is a great photographer and that’s me in my last show. The drawing is from a great friend of mine)


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