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Bloch StretchPointe Dramatica

Have you heard about Bloch’s new pointe shoes, StretchPointe? Well, I’ve heard about them, I’ve tried them and I found a new love with them!

I have (and always had) week feet: narrow feet, not really flat, but not with high arches and not too strong either. Finding pointe shoes for me was always a struggle because sometimes I couldn’t get on the platform properly, other times mt feet would sink on the box, other times it would hurt my big toe.

I started with Bloch Triumph, because my tecaher recomended it to start the work. I worked with them for two years and I kinda liked it, but I felt that my feet didn’t look at their best on them. So, I started my quest searching for the perfect fit. Maybe I’ve found it now with the new Bloch’s…

I went from Bloch’s Triumph to Bloch’s Heritage, to Gaynor Minden’s…

With Triumph I found it hard, while the shoe wasn’t perfectly adapted to my foot, to go up to the platform. Once the shoe was already soft, the work was really nice, but then the shoe would die really quick. With Heritage, even the narrowest box was wide enough for my foot to sink. And Gaynor Minden felt perfect but my right foot still couldn’t get on the platform as I wanted it to.

And now that I found this new pointe shoes, I’m quite happy. I feel that they might be “The One”.
The stretch technology comes in to different shoes: Dramatica and Eurostretch.
The Eurostretch has the same construction of the European Balance, allied to the stretch technology. The Dramatica, wich is the one I’m using right now, has a flat platform and high wings that give support to the toes and ease of balance, you can feel your arch more secure, because it feels like the shoe is hugging your foot. When rolling through demi-pointe up to pointe, I feel really secure and I can go up to the platform (even for the first time I tried them on).

When properly fit, this shoes can really help dancers with this kind of problems. On the inside, they are really confortable (more confortable then Gaynors, I dare to say) because they are soft an have a leather grip at the heel to prevent the shoe from sliding off.

If you think this could be the right shoes for you, I would recommend a proper fitting. Having the right pointe shoe is really important for a dancer, so try as many as you wish before you find the one.


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