Josefinas and Ballet

Yesterday I’ve had my first work on publicity and in a partnership with a fashion brand: Josefinas. Josefinas are a portuguese brand of ballet flats designed by Filipa Júlio. She had a dream and she achieved it: create a brand of shoes that would honor the modern portuguese woman, so much as many other women around the world. They are about to launch a new shoe, inspired by the ballerina’s pointe shoes. They wanted to make their publicity video and I was the lucky chosen ballerina to do so. Josefinas

It was the first time for me, doing this kind of job, but I loved it. It’s always for dancers to do works like this because it’s hard to keep warm while they change the cameras, the lights, the background, while they talk and discuss what to do next. I can say that it was hard for me to move this morning, my muscles were sore from almost 5 hours of filming, with constant pauses. I haven’t seen the final result, but I hope it was worth it. At some point, we begin to understand the mechanics of this work and we start to keep ourselves warm while they change what needs changes, it’s the only way to go through it without serious injuries. I’m waiting for the video, wich I will publich here. In the meantime, here is the photo we took in the end of the day.

Backstage_Josefinas (5)

And here is the link for their page: . The shoes are extremely confortable, made from very soft leather and other natural materials. I tried them on after the shooting and I loved them. It’s hard to love any kind of shoes after some hours wearing pointe shoes, right? 🙂


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