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The Importance of Corrections

Continuing on the exams theme, I will today reflect about how important it is to pay attention to your teacher’s corrections. Sometimes we (students, professional dancers, or even teachers) find it hard to hear a correction to our work. But this is how we evolve and get to be who we are. Here I talk specially about students. If they understand that a tecaher corrects them to bring out the best of them and not to criticize their work, they will become, not only better dancers, but they will also become better in other parts of their life.

Teachers offer corrections in many different ways. Each student must know their teacher’s method and adapt to it. Some teachers might explain how things work and why it must be done this way and not that way; others may walk around the class offering corrections during the exercise; others may wait, watch the whole sequence and then talk to their students and make them understand and repeat the sequence. Either way, the students must always work to their full potential and always with their particular corrections in mind. This way, the teacher will not waste time repeating the same corrections over and over again. This way the teacher will be able to see who is evolving and will also be able to notice more important things that need to be corrected.


Remember, if the teacher is correcting something, it doesn’t mean that the student is bad. On the contrary, it means that the tecaher believes in the students, believes in his work and believes he can do better every day. So, take corrections with good attitude! Receive it, listen to it, understand it and the apply it. Don’t waste your’s (and your teacher’s) time thinking you were being picked up or making excuses. Apply that time concentrating on what you were doing worng and in which way you can make it better. Think about it every exercise, every class, every day untill you got it right. If students show their teachers that they are able to apply corrections, to pay attention and to make efforts, they will only receive more from their teacher in return. That is how progress happens!

Another thing I tell my students to do is to keep a ballet diary. This helps a lot because they write down things that were said in class and that helps them to remember it for next classes. This helps them to be self conscious about their work and their evolution in class.

Remember, the teacher is always there to help. They won’t refuse their students anything if the students show that they are willing to learn, listen to the corrections and apply them, and to work really hard!


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