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Life Lessons Learned from Dance

This is not an original post of mine. It’s by , on Yet, I saw it and I think it’s really accurate. And to this I should just add that you (should) learn so much from each others! And this happens in dance class and rehearsal as well. Please, give a good read to this opinion that is so accurate! Once again, this is not an original post, so I don’t take any credit for it,Just give the credit to it’s author.

Martha Graham once said, “To learn to dance by practicing dancing or to learn to live by practicing living, the principles are the same.” Many life lessons are taken from dance training. These lessons turn into transferable skills that dancers carry with them on stage and off stage. The understandings and maturity that comes dance training is priceless when it comes to confronting life head on.

Dancers Understand Hard Work

Dancers work tirelessly to become the best they can be. They understand what Danish Ballet Master, August Bournonville, meant when he said, “It is not so much upon the number of exercises, as the care with which they are done, that progress and skill depend.” The care Bournonville speaks about is work – focused, dedicated, unforgiving work. Dancers know that hard work produces results, and they are dedicated to this understanding. Dancers spend years of their lives dedicated to progress.

Dancers Understand Patience

Martha Graham believed it takes at least 10 years to make a dancer. Dancers understand that it takes time to see the results of hard work. Dancers trust in hard work and time working together to improve, to grow and to achieve. Dancers understand that each one of us is on a personal journey in dance. One dancer may achieve a particular move or feat faster than another, but with time and hard work, dancers know their time will come.

Dancers Understand How To Work as a Team

Dancers understand how to delegate, take direction and integrate many different personalities, skills and talents to create a final product. Dancers know the importance of working together, since they appreciate visually stunning works of large groups as well as partnering in dance. Dancers develop skills of knowing when to push, pull, support, give weight, listen or speak up. Dancers understand the importance of listening to everyone and making everyone feel heard.

Dancers Understand Organization

In order to create a complete piece (which will consider form, motifs, emotions, stories, angles, and other composition techniques) dancers have to develop a clear mind. In order to do this, dancers develop and hone their skills in organization. They keep track of rehearsal time and rehearsal space. They know how to get in touch with their dancers, while organizing costuming, music, lighting, set design and ticket sales. Dancers take on the world, and then break it down in order to complete each task before them. Staying organized is critical to any dancer in order to be successful.

Dancers Understand Planning and Prioritizing

With space and time limited, dancers learn how to determine what needs to be rehearsed or discussed first. Dancers know how to focus in on what needs attention, and they can set goals over long periods of time. It is this foresight that allows dancers to plan and work toward large goals. This planning and prioritizing also helps prepare large productions with many people. It helps dancers plan their lives and finances. Dancers know where they want to go, and how to plan and prioritize in order to get there.

Dancers Understand Marketing

In order to work in the dance world, it takes impressing others with your professionalism and talent. Dancers understand how to market themselves and how to adjust that image for particular shows and audiences. They understand how to alter a resume, how to pick out audition clothing and how to act in different situations. Many dancers maintain their own websites listing their experiences, which means they have potentially worked with coding, newsletters and social media.

Dancers Keep an Open Mind

Dancers live in a world of uncertainty. This helps develop their skills of keeping an open mind. They are willing to listen to dance proposals, try out a new movement style and even work on projects where the outcome is unclear. Dancers are willing to go there – mentally, emotionally, physically, intellectually – because they take their art and work seriously. They are open to trying out ideas, and then trying out another idea when the first one doesn’t work out. This flexibility helps dancers grow as people and as performers.

Dancers Understand Negotiation and Contracts

Dancers live in a world of negotiating rates and terms of contracts. They have to be quick on their feet and smart when it comes to reviewing terms of contracts, benefits and identifying potential deficiencies in the contracts. Dancers know how to make sure they are protected, and they stand up for themselves. Dancers understand that art also comes with business, as much as business is an art.

Dancers Honor Deadlines

In the dance world, a show has to be ready by a certain date. Stages are reserved, tickets are sold, and audiences are ready. Dancers understand how to pace a project in order for it to be presentation ready by a specific date. They plan accordingly, and they stay focused on the product as well as the deadline. In the dance world, deadlines are very serious because it is the date that will reveal all of your hard work. Since dancers are slight perfectionists, they do not desire to put incomplete work on stage. This means that deadlines are not only honored but they are revered.

Dancers Understand Giving Respect

Growing up in the dance world, you are taught to show your teacher respect, to show the studio space respect, and to show the art of dance respect. No questions asked. These three factors are always shown respect. It places within young dancers the seed of showing respect immediately without doubt or question for their elders and for their fellow dancers.

Dancers Understand Health

Dancers learn early on how important it is to stay active and stay healthy. They dedicate time learning how to take care of their bodies, fuel their energy and heal from injuries. Dancers understand what it is to be at their peak, and what it is to have to rest and heal. It takes a high level of physical and emotional awareness to listen to your body.

Dancers Understand the Past, Present and Future

Dancers respect the dancers and dance educators who have come before them. They honor their work, and they study their theories. They don’t, however, allow themselves to live only in the past. Dancers embrace each day as a new chance to grow. They see each class as a new opportunity to learn and advance their knowledge. Dancers place their hope in the future. They hope all of their hard work and planning will pay off. They are always working toward a grander purpose.

Dancers Understand Money

Some dancers have multiple jobs in order to create their dream life. They know how much they need and what they have to do in order to accomplish their goals. They plan ahead, they save and they look out for themselves in contractual situations. Dancers understand how to break down and allocate their funds in order to stay in technique classes while also managing their personal bills.

With these transferable understandings and life lessons that are learned throughout dance training, dancers can work in practically any field they desire. They carry their positive, hopeful attitudes into any situation and they are willing to work hard to complete projects. Dancers are open-minded people who believe in projects larger than themselves. They embrace the imagination, use creativity on a daily basis, and they are respectful listeners. Dancers understand how to work for a happy life, and they inspire others to do so as well.


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