Ballet Classes

Techniques to teach Baby Classes

As teachers, we all have some techniques we use with our younger students… Some of us have classes with children from age 3 and we know that they are not simple to deal with. One cries, the other yells, three or four of them run around the classroom while other three simply can’t be quite (and we feel like we want to run out the classroom and never come back). So, we need some techniques to capture their attention. Obviously, the most important one is how we relate with them, how we talk to them and how we explain what to do. But children don’t go just for this… The exercises and arrangement of the class are also very important, we need to begin to explain some technique, rythm, always integrated in their fantasyland (with some stories, games,…). Although, one of the things I find most helpfull is the rewarding… If they do behave, they will be rewarded somehow. With older students we can tell them that they will have their reward in the examination (when they receive the classification) or in the Final Year Showcase, but this doesn’t work with baby dancers. They need to have their reward immediately. Last year I used stickers (everytime they behaved in class, they would receive a sticker). But I was spending a lot in stickers… This year I decided to do something different and, also, help them to aim for something (like the older students aim for examinations and performances). I made this shoes (the shoes were a tip from a friend who taught me how to make them) and pined them to a board. The shoes have their names and the board has some white sheets. Every time they behave, they receive a drawn golden star. When they don’t, they receive a red sad face… At the end of each term (Christmas, Easter and Summer), if they have lots of golden stars and very few sad faces, they will take their shoe home. Of course I can’t make shoes everytime because they will get bored, but I think this is a great idea! They simply loved it and were so well behaved this past week 🙂



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